Update from Mozambique

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ

Greetings from Mozambique, We thank God for what He is doing here through your support and thank HIM for your generosity and support, which is helping people here in Mozambique out of their desperation and helpless situation, people are really desperate. And this time around there are very fewer charities, with very limited resources. I don't know why, but we are the first organisation to put up first organised camp with proper tents. We have put down 100 tents just few still to go, and today we are putting 5 chemical mobile toilets and ready to distribute nearly one ton of clothes and blankets. We are a team of seven coming from our office who are our office and Gold peer workers. Please do continue to pray for us as we continue the whole day today and are send Jack and Anton to go and buy more relief food and mosquito nets for our brothers and sisters here in Cheaquelane. There still more than 75000 people still under trees with just covering themselves with any thing they come across, very desperate! I am trying to work hard so that tomorrow God's willing can go back to the office to join Mike and his wife (from UK) who is a visiting teacher at Alathea and receive Craig and his wife later this week (from UK). And I will be preparing for my trip to UK scheduled from the 14 Feb to the 4th March.

Attached find photos of our newly developed camp for the floods victims, we hope we can get more resources to maintain the camp. There is also a need of fresh clean water, and to continue with the next stage of helping them to help themselves, by providing them with things like seed and fertiliser, and supply them with some goats in villages like Machiqoloane who lost even their life stock, which is part of their lively wood.


Floods in Mozambique - Jan 2013

Dear FHAM supporters,

Serious floods have hit various areas of Mozambique, especially in Chiaquelane, where the mission site is. There is more information below from those directly involved, and you can read this on the BBC News Website. We ask you to pray, and if you would like to give money to support the situation, you can do so by  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Thank you.




Dear Friends

Below is the email received this morning from our centre in Mozambique South for our prayers for them and for what seem to be a desperate situation. God bless your prayers support.



"To all our! SOrrY for the English but I need to get this out urgently! Please bear with us!

Dear all

We are in a very serious situation! On Tuesday evening at about 1h30 during the night the people from surrounding towns fled the raging waters of the Limpopo including Chokwe.

We heard that just here in the south 55000 people have taken what they could carry and fled.

The concern is that we now have many many people on the base. Some strangers and some pastors from the surrounding churches. There are people EvErYwhere! In the church, in the dining room on the property eVeRywhere. And of course children are crying continuously sadly hungry! Behind Fabricios house people
are camping. At the pastors house at the back and on the veranda people are camping!

The streets on the pavement are also littered with people and fires are everywhere!! It is very intimidating! Only JESUS! Driving here was quite scary because we did not know how it looked at home!

This could be the only email we can send due to the situation that is very serious, so my HUGE prayer request is that you please pray for us for the following:

  • Our safety - we have a YWAM team here with us. Fabricio, Gloria and Rachel too.
  • Our health - the water and people using the bush for toilets and many nameless cows walking a doing everything everywhere.
  • My heart breaks for the kids for food and water.
  • Our brand new generator of 2 months broke and no gaurantee! Johan will have to go to Macia and buy a new one that costs R4200.00
  • Pray that the river will reside and that the rain will stop. When the people left their homes the water was almost roof height! This is very very serious here in Chiaquelane.

Please pray with us for this sad situation and the rumour is more rain is on its way.

Apparently at the market the people need to register and tents, food and mosquito will be handed out today!

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Park URC Are Visiting Siyabuswa!

During July and August 2012, Park URC in Reading, Berkshire are taking a team of 22 to Siyabuswa. During their visit, they will be running kids clubs, helping at Grace School, and supporting the work of Alathea Bible College. Their minister, Rev Robert Weston, will be leading the trip.

You can read their latest news here

Christmas Gifts to support Hope For Africa

Friends of Hope for Africa Mission’s Christmas Gifts are an exciting alternative to traditional Christmas presents!

They provide an opportunity to give something that will help some of the poorest people in the world.

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FHAM Conference October 2011

On Saturday October 29th, 2011, Friends of Hope for Africa Missions (FHAM) met for a day's conference at Argyle Church in Reading.

Dr Hendrick Mahlangu was the guest speaker, and several advocates gave updates on their area of interest. It was also great to have Keith Moore from Alathea Bible College with us, as well as Richard Applegate, from FHAM USA. And the Dorchester Youth Group were fantastic with their drama and puppet show!

It was a fantastic day, and those who were able to make it felt inspired and blessed to be involved in what God is doing.

Below are some photos and documents from the day.

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